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Fabulous over Fifty

My favourite fashion has to be ‘fall fashion’. The colours, the boots and just being all over cosy! I look forward to fall fashion like Ralphie looked forward to a Red Ryder Carbin Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle!!  If you’ve seen A Christmas Story you get this!  I dream about my outfit and how it’s going to look on me.

I just bought these cute little boots from Nine West. I already have the blouse…now I just need the rest! LOL….I absolutely love the colour of these pants. The fact that they are wide legs is just a bonus (anyone that knows me, knows I hate my legs). I am all for the higher waistline too….no muffin tops or no nana panties sticking out the top!!  (doubtful that anyone under 50 is following this blog, but if you are, one day you will understand the whole granny panty thing) If I can’t find this exact pull over I’ll settle for a cardigan or a poncho…but I am really hoping to find this particular one!! As soon as I get it all, I’ll be sure to post a picture so that you can gush about me (HAHA). Until then, I hope you have as much fun as I do picking out your new fall outfit!!!






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