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Whatever happened to the Glamorous days of travelling?


I love people watching at the airport, but have you noticed that a lot of people look like they just rolled out of bed to catch their flight? Some look as though they couldn’t even be bothered to get out of their pyjamas. The next time you are lined up waiting to get through customs look around at the sea of bed head!! I tried to snap some photos…I just couldn’t be discreet enough! I would have ended up in jail as some creepy stalker lady!!


OK…so that fur shawl and the hat is a bit much these days…but can we agree to lose the sweats!?

Whatever happened to the days of glamorous flying?

I remember watching my mom getting ready to fly to Scotland. She had her rollers in her hair while getting her outfit perfectly pressed and had my step dads stuff all sorted out for him too…and thank goodness, lol…he was so colour blind. It wasn’t unusual for him to come downstairs wearing the oddest colour combinations or even worse, plaid and stripes. When my parents were ready to leave you would have thought they were going for a night on the town!

This old picture of the ‘stewardesses’ that now are no longer called stewardesses but rather they are ‘flight attendants’, their outfits were so polished, fitted complete with stylish little hats. Southwest Airline Stewardesses actually wore go-go boots!! Their bouffant hair doo’s…this fashionable career was something I dreamed about as a little girl. Coffee? Tea? I practised saying this in the mirror countless times. Who knew it would help me in my future waitressing years? LOL

Travel nowadays is anything but glamorous. Airports are crammed with jet-setters sporting bed head, doughnut pillows permanently affixed to their necks. Men no longer wear suits and ties…not that I blame them, it’s perhaps a bit much…but maybe a collared shirt, even a golf shirt would be better than some of the graphic tee shirts with their Life Is Good slogans plastered all over them. Honestly, some of them look like they are from the cast of the Walking Dead! Hoodies pulled so far over their heads it makes you wonder if they are on America’s Most Wanted list!

Airplanes at one time were considered a cocktail party with wings….now? Not so much. It is one very big sardine can. We are squeezed into our seats so tightly, no leg room, you pray the person in front of you doesn’t recline their seat…this I believe is reflected in the way people dress and behave on flights. Why should people try if the airlines could care less about comfort and only about making money?

Looking back, the 60’s really was a glamorous age for travel. The era is romanticized everywhere. Just think of Mad Men. To advertise season seven AMC put the show’s characters in various states of flight.

ABC even created a show around the exploits of Pan Am stewardesses. Reproductions of the Pan Am flight bags are still being sold.

Don’t get me wrong…I get that it is an era of days gone by and I don’t wear fancy dresses to travel in nor does Steve wear a shirt and tie…but compared to others on some flights I feel that I am model material for Yves Saint Laurent. Is it too much to ask people to style up…just a bit? I hate sitting beside someone that looks like they should be at home slobifying on their couch.

I’m not suggesting kitten heels and a pencil skirt…but can we leave the slobification at home and show just a tiny bit of decorum?


Slobifying and slobification are my new travel words when people watching. I think I might have even made them up.




  1. Degrade to the status of a mere slob




  1. The representation of a quality slob in human form.



So what should we consider wearing while travelling by plane?

This is the outfit that I wore when I flew to Florida in January. I like to wear layers. I started with a tee-shirt under this big sweater. That way when I get to FL I can lose the vest and sweater and be relatively comfortable if it’s really hot. I always wear flat shoes….If you were married to my very impatient husband you would too. We have been known to run through the airport, especially on our way home from FL. Lord forbid we get stuck behind another flight coming in. I mean it…he sees another flight coming in and we ‘book it’ through the airport. It is usually my work out for the day. Pearson is a huge walk or in our case full on sprint!

Note the coffee?…that’s a must. We typically fly out on the first flight of the day. I like to stop at Starbucks once we get through security and have a nice big latte while we wait. We only travel with a carry-on. Again…impatient Steve. We cannot stand and actually wait for luggage. No way! What a waste of time that would be. Carry-on it is. I shipped my full-size suitcase ahead of time so that it would be in FL when I arrived….SURPRISE…It was in Jamaica and I don’t mean Jamaica NY…FOUR weeks later it arrived. There is always a good side to every story though. I had no clothes so I HAD to go shopping for new outfits!

I like to use an oversized purse to put all my meds in and electronics that could not easily be replaced across the border. I also like to have plenty of water. Planes are so dehydrating. I bring my own headset. The ones they give you are not very good at all.

I think I am one of those weirdos that actually likes the flight. I love being served my drinks and my meal while watching a movie. The time ‘flies’ by.

I am hoping that when I return to Canada it will be somewhat warm….like above zero! What the heck is going on with this Canadian winter this year? It’s like spring shows up and winter comes right back a day later saying ‘psych…just kidding’!

Of course, if you are driving home…this is a whole other story.

Wear PJ’s or Lulu’s…whatever you’re comfortable in! Who cares! Comfort is everything when sitting for 24 hours!! Things to consider packing for this trip would definitely be munchies, water, magazines, DVD player and maybe a headset if hubby starts talking too much. I have never made the drive, nor do I ever want to. Steve talks all the time about driving home and making it a ‘fun’ trip with multiple stops…seriously? It’s a 24-hour drive with just the two of us and you want to drag it out? Uh uh!! No way. I’ll take the 3 hour Air Canada flight and meet you at home.

I wrote this blog sitting at the airport last week and for whatever reason, I never got around to actually posting it. So I am home now and have a couple of blogs that I am working on.

1 – is about a personal mind and body cleanse and 2- is the house cleanse…man oh man some things sure fell apart around her over the winter….eeeesh!

Wishing you all a lovely day…it’s nice and warm out and hopefully, the sun makes an appearance.













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