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Wall Wow: Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Peel and Stick Wallpaper Installation


The first time I ever hung wallpaper was when I was about 12 years old. My mom purchased some wallpaper to do a focal wall in my bedroom. It had the prettiest tiny pink roses on it. I couldn’t wait for my mom to put it up….like I REALLY couldn’t wait!! As soon as she went to visit my grandma I decided to try my hand at it by myself.

I moved my bed out of the way and rolled up my carpet. I had seen my mom do it before and figured…hmm, she made it look so easy! I got the first piece up no problem. Then the second. I stood back to admire my handy work so far and YIKES! 😬 I didn’t think about matching up the flowers. My mom was going to be so mad at me! I carefully peeled it back off of the wall and laid it out on my bed to hopefully use later. I matched up the roses like I was supposed to on the second piece and it looked perfect…in my 12 year old mind.

I continued along until the next hiccup. I papered over the outlet. No problem. I’ll just stick a knife through the paper to make a hole for the scissors….I jumped a foot in the air. ⚡️Life lesson! Don’t do that again.

I got to the last piece and thankfully I had saved that piece that I laid out on my bed.  It was a bit short but I was able to do some cutting and pasting and it was hardly noticeable 😂

My mom came home and I couldn’t wait for her to see it. I told her I had a big surprise for her in my room. I was nervous when she got home. I hoped she liked it. She walked over to the wall and gave it the once over. She commented on my lovely seams and how nicely the roses matched up. I was as proud as punch. I showed her my cut and paste job on the very last piece. She said “not to worry, we will just put your waste basket in front of it”

It wasn’t until much later that I realized all those little roses were upside down 😂 My mom never said a word about it.

I am feeling a bit like that 12 year old little girl with my newly wallpapered powder room.  I am embracing the trend!!

There are so many amazing papers to choose from. You can choose from pre-pasted papers, non-pasted and the ever popular peel and stick which is what I chose. I don’t feel so committed. If I get tired  of it I can ‘simply’ pull it back off without damaging the walls or so they say.

I hired someone to instal the paper. There is an oval window in the middle of the wall and I didn’t want to leave that up to chance. Paper is expensive so you might as well get it done right. If anyone local once my installers contact details email me. Her name is Claudine and she paints as well.

I doubled check that we had it right side up! 😂

This is a sneak peak of my powder room paper. I will share the entire transformation once I do a quick little DIY project in here. Stay tuned 😉

There are so many amazing ways to use wallpaper.

What a great way to add wow factor to a dining room ceiling.

I love old houses with angled ceilings.


If you are renting an apartment this is a great way to spruce up a non discript door.


A book case becomes a focal point by adding some wallpaper to the back of it. 


This would be a fun DIY project using an IKEA dresser in a spare room.


Give your dresser drawers a little pick me up with leftover paper

No head board? No problem! I love this and might actually do this. I’d use peel and stick so that I could change it on a whim.

Ready to give papering a whirl?

Gather Your Supplies: Before you begin, gather all the necessary supplies. You’ll need your peel and stick wallpaper, a measuring tape, a pencil, a utility knife or scissors, a smoothing tool (such as a plastic smoother or squeegee), a level, and a clean cloth.

Prepare the Surface: Ensure that the surface you’re applying the wallpaper to is clean, smooth, and dry. Remove any dust, dirt, or grease using a damp cloth and allow the surface to dry completely. These walls were recently sanded and painted which made for a perfect surface to work with.

Measure and Cut: Measure the height of your wall and add a few inches to allow for trimming at the top and bottom. Use a pencil to mark the measurements on the back of the wallpaper. Use a straight edge and utility knife or scissors to carefully cut the wallpaper to size.

Start Application: Peel away a few inches of the backing paper at the top of your wallpaper strip. Align the top of the wallpaper with the ceiling or top of the wall, ensuring it’s straight and level. Smooth it onto the wall using your hands or a smoothing tool, working from the top down to remove any air bubbles.

Continue Applying: Slowly peel away more of the backing paper as you continue to smooth the wallpaper onto the wall, working in small sections. Take care to match the pattern and align the edges accurately.

Trim Excess: Once the wallpaper is fully applied, use a utility knife or scissors to trim any excess material at the top and bottom of the wall. Make sure to trim carefully and accurately for a clean finish.

Smooth and Seal: Go over the entire surface of the wallpaper with a smoothing tool to ensure it’s securely adhered to the wall and free of air bubbles or wrinkles. Use a clean cloth to gently wipe away any excess adhesive. I was worried about the ‘stick’ factor. I needn’t be. The air bubbles came out without a problem and papered adhered perfectly.

Final Touches: Once all the wallpaper is applied and trimmed, step back and admire your work! Use a smoothing tool or your hands to press along the edges and ensure they’re firmly adhered to the wall.

Enjoy Your New Look


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  • Reply
    June 17, 2024 at 6:48 AM

    Very informative post. I love the story of you papering your room waiting for your mom’s approval. I am envisioning a Norman Rockwell painting. So adorable.

    • Reply
      June 17, 2024 at 7:54 AM

      Thanks Sharon. I am glad you got some information from it. I can see a Norman Rockwell painting in that story too! I never thought of that. Cute. 🥰
      Thanks so much for popping in. Have a great week.

  • Reply
    June 17, 2024 at 7:19 AM

    I love your wallpaper choice in your powder room! Gorgeous. I can not wait to see the rest of it.
    You have great taste so I have no doubt it will turn out beautifully.

    • Reply
      June 17, 2024 at 7:52 AM

      Thank you Sarah. That’s so nice of you. You will see it all next weekend. I have one thing left to do in there and then finally..I will be finished my first room here! LOL. 😂 it’s been a slow progress!
      Have a great week ahead.

  • Reply
    June 17, 2024 at 7:55 AM

    Good Heavens. You inspire me over and over again. I’’m not sure where to wallpaper first. I love the idea of wallpaper on the ceiling. Who would have thought that? Great idea.

    • Reply
      June 17, 2024 at 7:58 AM

      HAHA…well thank you! I am so happy to know that I am inspiring readers. That makes me feel good.
      I love the idea of paper on a ceiling too! It would be a great way to dress up a walk in closet or a laundry room. Think about how much time you spend in there. 😆 you might as well make it visually appealing!
      Thank you for stopping in Emily. Have a great week.

  • Reply
    Danielle Ross
    June 17, 2024 at 8:03 AM

    It looks lovely Marion. You have beautiful taste. I certainly did my share of putting wallpaper up when I was young. It’s not something I would attempt now. Hiring someone is the way to go.

    • Reply
      June 19, 2024 at 2:51 PM

      Thanks for the compliment Danielle. After being in your house I think I want to start over….YOU have beautiful taste.
      Hiring someone for pretty much everything is the way to go! 😆 I am hanging drapes and want to rip them down and throw them in the lake!!! LOL. I just can’t get them perfect.
      Happy hump day. Xo 😘

  • Reply
    Betty King
    June 17, 2024 at 12:43 PM

    As always, I learn something new from you. Even at this old age!!?! Thanks. Hugs BBMA

    • Reply
      June 19, 2024 at 2:49 PM

      Hey Ma!! You? Old? Never!!!!
      YOU are awesome! Xo

  • Reply
    June 17, 2024 at 1:27 PM

    Great piece. Thank M.

  • Reply
    Ann Burbidge
    June 19, 2024 at 9:51 AM

    Your story is priceless!
    Your powder room looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply
      June 19, 2024 at 2:48 PM

      Thanks Ann. So nice of you to pop in and say hello. I hope your new place is everything you hoped it would be.
      Have a great week.

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