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Happy fall ya’ll


In 4 days it’s October…how does this even happen?

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. It sort of feels like I am starting all over again and once again I am super nervous. Isn’t that silly? It’s true though. I worry that this is silly, too uneventful, am I wasting your time? The doubt goes on and on.

This blog is going to be full of randomness….is that even a word? I just want to put something out there to make sure everything is up and working as it should be. There have been so many WordPress updates and tweaks that I’ve needed to do – anyone that really knows me can tell you that technology and I don’t work very well together.

First of all….thanks for all the kind messages asking me “where have you been”? “I’ve missed your stories” “did I miss a blog”? It’s so nice to know some of you have actually missed reading what I have to say. 🙂

Second of all…thanks for all of my new followers!! I hope you enjoy my blog. I am up to about 100 followers now and considering I don’t really advertise or stay on top of a set schedule I’m feeling pretty happy about this AND it coincides with Savvy Snowbirds 1 year anniversary. So yay me!

Last of all….I have so many fun things planned…room makeovers, recipes, fashion, beauty trends, fall house tour and the very real possibility that I will be YouTubing. LOL…It will either be fun to watch and learn, or just really funny to watch me! Seriously…it’s a coin toss!! LOL

(Who is your favourite…McDreamy or McSteamy?)

The summer was a whirlwind. Steve had surgery for his Afib. He had an ablation done and is doing great. He hasn’t had an episode since the surgery and we are thrilled about that. He has also lost over 20lbs and is looking mighty fine!

I finally had a Cortisone injection in my back.  I am not whining. If you are on the fence about this you really need to ask some more questions.

I had put this off for over a year for fear of the pain! I mean really….who wants a needle stuck right into their spine? What if the Dr. missed? Would I be that one in a million that never walks again? These questions went through my head over and over again.

It was a friend that finally pushed me to get it done. He had his back injected with Cortisone and he said it changed his life.  I relented and the result was amazing.  It truly made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

The Dr. that did the procedure said if I got three months of being pain-free from the injection he would be happy with that. Well….it has lasted about 3 months…I have an appointment booked next week to go back for round 2 which will consist of more back injections as well as elbow and shoulder injections. If I feel as great as I did after the first one I will be jumping for joy and hopefully – I’ll be back out on the golf course when I get down south for the season. Look out Donna Dynamite…book me in on Fridays!!!

My loves

Congratulations to so many of my friends that had some huge milestones over the summer months…new babies, engagements and weddings. Does anyone else feel like this past summer was filled with some really big events? My life with my little girls is full of love…I think on the last blog that I wrote I mentioned that they were with us for a week…well, we ended up having them for another 2 weeks back to back. I put them in horseback riding camp and they fell in love!!! After Savannah’s second day of camp…

“Nana, my legs are so sore,”

I asked her why thinking maybe it was all the riding…

she said “because we have to stand so long to wait for our turn on the horse…you know nana, if I had my own horse this wouldn’t happen to me”….

me- “go talk to papa”!!!  

Pretty sure that by next spring these girls will have their very own horses…boy oh boy do they have poor papa wrapped around their little fingers! Anyways they stayed in the camp for the entire two weeks that they were with us and now once a week we pick them up from school and take them to the barn to for lessons.

 (What the flock?)

Does anyone love fall fashion as much as I do? It is my absolute favourite fashion season.

Fall 2018 Couture Fashion – what exactly does it mean? Have you seen some of these outfits? Does Channel, Louis, YSL really expect me to wear these getups? Stay tuned for a blog on how to actually incorporate what you see on the runway. It’s not as hard as you think…even if you are a 50+ Savvy lady!

Fall decor, fall fashion, fall house tour, fall garden, fall planters, fall window box

Fall decor

I am happy to say that even though I seem to be so far behind on my blogging I am pretty organized around the home front. I spent a solid week going through drawers, cupboards and closets pitching and purging. It is the very best feeling!! I even managed to get started on my fall décor. I hope to have a home tour available within the next few days to show you my window boxes, fireplace mantel and maybe a table setting too. I have been busy with a super fun DIY project that anyone can do!! Seriously….it’s really simple and can be done while watching your favourite chick flick. You will probably want to do more than one!! Intrigued?


I had my annual trip to Springridge Farm with one of my favourite high school friends…seriously she could be one of the funniest people I know. She makes me laugh every time we talk.  We picked up some pumpkins a few gifts from their amazing gift shop and of course, no visit to Springridge would be complete without purchasing some pies and butter tarts…which happens to be my summer addiction. This butter tart addiction… Seriously…what the hell is the matter with me? I have a problem…I might need outside help for this. If my husband would just please STOP bringing them into the house!! (hopefully, you read this Steve!) I eat one every single day. Do you know there are 27 grams of sugar in these little suckers? That is 9 teaspoons of sugar. I even measured this out and put it in a baggy and hung it in the fridge…it has done nothing to dissuade me!!! Someone needs to challenge me. Do you have something you want to give up? Can we be held accountable to each other?


Anyways…I hope you all get this in your inbox by morning….sorry for all the randomness (that word again)…I just really want to be sure everything works before I start posting my blogs. I’ve looked this over a couple of times and everything seems to be good to go…if you notice anything amiss….let me know!!

Happy fall ya’ll. Glad to be back….chat soon. xo

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